• Introducing the industry’s lowest-priced, easiest-to-use, most broadly deployable 360 degree assessment system.

    36 Dollar 360 is, hands down, the best 360 degree assessment system available for small and mid-sized companies as well as teams within large organizations.

  • The 36 Dollar 360 assessment makes it easy to assess everyone using competencies that are just the right fit.

    Included in the low price are ten built-in competency models designed for a range of industries and responsibilities. The 36 Dollar 360 also gives you the flexibility to build your own competency model as part of the package.

  • With the 36 Dollar 360, we remove your risk and let you use all of its features FREE.

    Signing up for the 36 Dollar 360 is absolutely free and allows you to assess two employees at no cost. That means your team can fully experience our 360 degree assessment before spending a single dime. Why? Because we’re confident that once you try the 36 Dollar 360, you’ll want to keep using it.

Finally, You Can Afford to Develop Everybody™

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Using an efficient and affordable web-based delivery method, SVI offers the 36 Dollar 360 assessment, with fully customizable competencies and on-demand downloading of reports, for as little as $36 per report.


With a user-friendly interface, the 36 Dollar 360 assessment provides easy-to-follow prompts and automated features, requiring no technical expertise to operate.

Most Broadly Deployable

Because of the sheer time and expense, 360 assessments are often reserved primarily for top-level managers. The 36 Dollar 360 relieves the pain of cost-prohibitive systems – it’s truly a scalable system.

Interested in deploying our 360 assessment as your own? Click here for information on white labeling the 36 Dollar 360 degree performance review.

Here are some of the great companies that have chosen to use 36 Dollar 360 assessment:

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KCP&L Logo Labinal Power Systems Logo Valvoline Logo Parkland Logo Tyson Foods
Banfield Logo State of Tennessee Logo Maritz Logo Dillards Logo JB Hunt
Bank of Korea Logo Dematic Logo Lehi Valley Logo Mary Kay Logo Mary Washington Healthcare Logo

Why the 36 Dollar 360 Assessment Rocks:

  • Anywhere-accessible, web-based solution
  • Ten validated competency models to choose from designed to fit your work force’s specific needs
  • The ability to enter your own competencies should your organization have its own unique competency models
  • SingleSurvey™ technology for all-at-once evaluation of multiple targets
  • Time-saving rater group importer with spreadsheet templates
  • SecureSave™ features for ultimate protection against data loss
  • Powerful engine for gathering and compiling secure, confidential feedback
  • Professionally designed results reports and on-demand PDF downloads
  • Unprecedented $36 per 360 assessment report (with minimum purchase of 500 reports over the life of your account)
Sample Report
Download an example of what the 360 assessment results report looks like.

Learn More:
Download a PDF to learn more about the 36 Dollar 360.

Integrate 36 Dollar 360 with 20 Dollar Eval to get even more meaningful and useful insights into a team member’s performance.

The 36 Dollar 360 is powered by SVI, an organizational development company that focuses on creating irresistible companies and extraordinary people. Over the years, SVI has launched tens of thousands of 360 assessments within some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. You can rest comfortably knowing that, while the price is low, the system and industry expertise supporting it are proven to be best-in-class.