how does our pricing work?

36 Dollar 360 keeps track of the cumulative number of reports you purchase under a single account. Once you cross a volume threshold, we automatically upgrade you to the corresponding plan and you receive the lower price for all future 360 review purchases.

No matter how many reports you purchase, you receive:

  • An anywhere-accessible, web-based solution.
  • Simple survey creation based on built-in or build-your-own competency models.
  • SingleSurvey™ technology for all-at-once evaluation of multiple targets.
  • A time-saving rater group importer with spreadsheet templates.
  • SecureSave™ features for ultimate protection against data loss.
  • A powerful engine for gathering and compiling secure, confidential feedback.
  • Professionally designed results reports and on-demand PDF downloads.

Additional support is available to help set up, introduce and manage the 360 degree assessment process.

    Questions? Call (888) 579 - 8635 to chat with a 36 Dollar 360 Client Champion.