Here are sample speaking points for a company using a 360 review to help employees better live the company values.

  • We’ve chosen to use a 360 review to help us learn how well our behavior reflects our company values.
  • We will aggregate the feedback you provide into several groups (peers, subordinates, managers, customers, vendors, etc.) and share it with the person being rated in a one-on-one session. The 360 review findings are the basis for creating a customized development plan for that person.
  • For those providing ratings, make sure that you include relevant comments that can help explain how you interpret the behavior of the person you are rating and how that behavior may impact how you do your job. Provide comments that are constructive and not personal in nature.
  • We divide the raters into like groups (see above) to ensure anonymity of the responses from everyone except managers.*
  • As a rater, please set aside about 30 minutes to complete the ratings and comments for the person you are rating.
  • We will close the assessments Jan. 15. Make sure you have completed the review prior to then.
  • The review doesn’t end in mid-January for the person you rate. After we’ve compiled the results, we will review the information and discuss it with each person being rated. From there, we will create a personalized development plan. Throughout the year we will have touch points with those who received reviews to make sure they are focused on addressing those things that will help them live out the company values more effectively.

*This depends on the tool used and how you set it up – make sure you know how this will work and don’t promise anonymity if you can’t guarantee it.